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                                                         Florence’s Restaurant was established in April of 1952. 

My Story....

On a rural farm in Historic Boley, Oklahoma, no one not even the attending midwife would have suspected that the baby would grow up to birth one of Oklahoma's oldest restaurants. Legendary for its fresh homemade food with little or no deviation from the techniques and recipes she learned as she performed her weekly task of churning butter. She studied her mother's every move and honed the skill that is obvious in every bite of her food. 

Life on a working farm is hard, the day starts early, and sharecropping is a family commitment. Everyone from the oldest to the toddler has a job. The dedication and hard work it takes to be a sharecropper builds the stamina you need to work 17 hours a day building your brand.

Florence Jones-Kemp opened the doors to Florence's Restaurant in April of 1952 at its original location, 916 Northeast 4th Street. In 1969 she built the building that still houses the business she started more than 68 years ago. At age 89 what will happen to the business she spent her life building? History repeats itself, with the little girl who grew up watching every move her mother and grandmother made in the restaurant. The next generation steps in and expands the dream.

With its country chic decor, walls adorned with art from local artists, professional services, and atmosphere that will transport you back to your grandmother's kitchen. This is the place where you can have Sunday dinner every day. 

At a time when the importance of whole, healthy homemade food has become relevant, Florence's is fast becoming nationally known for not only its food but its dedication to the earth. 

Thank you for your more than 60 years of support.  We look forward to seeing you soon.